Homes that "Talk" Just Sell Faster
Every day, hot prospects drive by your listings and wonder about them.  
Even if they like the looks of the home and the neighborhood, they still
may not call you.   

They just aren't motivated to call. It may be the 50th house they've
parked in front of that day.  But they would "tune in" on their car radio, if
those listings were "Talking Houses."  

Talking House is really just a little radio "transmitter" that sits right inside
your listings.  When prospects pull up out front, they can "tune in," and
hear whatever you want them to hear about that home.  Right over their
car radio.  Really! It's irresistible to buyers.  

Imagine if you were out looking for a home.  Wouldn't you love to tune in,
and get a real feel for the home you were looking at?  Right over the car
radio?  NO cost, NO bother?  
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